Zues The God Of Thunder

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Zeus is the supreme god in Greek mythology and is one of the most well known one. He was the son of the Titans Rhea and Kronos. He was considered to be the father of men and gods and wise among most.

He defeated his father Kronos and forced him to give him his children that he had swallowed – Hades and Poseidon as well as those children who were captured and imprisoned by his grandfather Ouranos. Cyclopes was grateful to Zeus for freeing him and in respect gave him his powerful arms – lightning and thunder. Perhaps that is where he earned the name ‘God of Thunder’.

Due to his great strength and power Zeus became one of the sky gods and played an active role in the lives of humans. While Hera was his true wife Zeus was not the kind of man to stick to one woman. He was well known to have taken in many goddesses, nymphs, and human women in order to absorb their powers or to create more children.

Hera was jealous at the actions of Zeus and hated all of his illegitimate children. But her anger and wrath was not enough to keep them from having strong powers like their father and having the ability to rule. One of Zeus’ most famous sons was Hercules.