Samhain – Festival Of The Dead

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Samhain is a Celtic festival (also known as the Festival of the Dead) that is celebrated between October 31st and November 1st. To the Celtics it is known as Samhain to us it is known as Halloween. It signified the end of the harvest and at the beginning of the winter months. At one point in time it also marked the Celtic new year.

According to mythology during Samhain the barrier that separated our world from the Otherworld is thinned and allows the spirits to come into contact with the humans and vice versa. It is the one brief time that either side has a chance to forget the normal rules of conduct and behave in a wild manner.

In celebration great bonfires are lit and the participants will join hands and circle the fire. Young men may also take torches lit with fire and circle their lands and homes in order to protect them from evil spirits.